Nick Buckley - Voice for the homeless

Nick 4 Homes

"It is plainly obvious that we need a new approach in Manchester City Centre if we are to help the most vulnerable living on our streets into more fulfilling lives. We need a true voice for the homeless within the Council, someone who understands the problem and has a track record of getting things done and helping people."

Helping Hand 5 Point Manifesto:

In consultation with homeless people on the streets in Manchester city centre, we have created a manifesto that captures a real sense of what vulnerable people have told us and what I intend to deliver if elected.

1 Find me sooner – let’s be proactive:

I will ensure a focus on new vulnerable people and preventing their downward spiral

2 Treat me like a person – let’s treat people with respect

I will ensure all agencies and services are rated on customer service standards

3 Help me quicker – let’s help immediately:

I will ensure that services respond immediately when people ask for help

4 Always offer me help – let’s try and then try again:

I will ensure that vulnerable people are given as many chances as they need to change for the better

5 Put me first – not your agency

I will ensure that all agencies focus on the best outcome for an individual and work together to achieve results

Countdown to election...


May 3rd 2018 - Vote for Nick Buckley

What can I offer the City of Manchester?

I have been involved in homelessness for a decade. In my previous role within Manchester City Council as a Community Safety Manager, I had responsibility for the city centre, which included tackling begging and Chairing multi agency support panels to get the right help and accommodation for people rough sleeping. On a side note, I have experienced homelessness on a personal level when in my 20s.

I left the Council after the riots in 2011 to set up a charity called Mancunian Way to support local kids into a better future and over 7 years I have led the charity to national recognition, including many awards for excellence. The charity recently expanded in London and now employs nearly 20 people.

3 years ago I extended the reach of the charity to begin supporting vulnerable homeless individuals living on the streets in Manchester city centre into better lives. The project is called Change4Good and in 2017 we got 48 people off the streets and into accommodation on a tiny budget.

It was while evaluating this project on Boxing Day 2017 that I realised the only way we are going to eradicate this problem is by improving the Council, so they are in a better position to help our fellow citizens off the streets and into accommodation.

It is easy to criticise and place blame; it is difficult to stand up and to actually make a difference. I have a track record of making a difference, I understand how the Council works, I know what needs to be done to help people off the streets and I have the passion to make the changes that need to happen if we are to call ourselves a compassionate society.

With your help and support, I can be that change.